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Loan of car for final driving test

1500 kr

Borrow our car for final driving test

To increase your chances of passing the final driving test, you can choose to borrow the traffic school’s car when driving up. Then you get the opportunity to drive up in a car that you know and is familier with. To be able to borrow the traffic school car for your driving test, you must let us book your driving time and get approved in a educational controll where we assess whether you are ready and will pass your final driving test.

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Borrow a car for a driving test, including a 60-minute warm-up from Vällingby to Järfälla.
If the student is not  an active driving license student at Fred Traffic school an education controll must be booked no later than 3 days BEFORE the driving test. If the student does not pass the education check, the driving test is cancelled. Rebooking when booking more driving lessons or a refund against a 10% administration fee

Otherwise, it is possible to book a driving test yourself with the Swedish Transport Administration’s car via:

NOTE! Your opportunity to book a driving test is individual depending on whether you have done all the mandatory parts of your driving license training, passed the knowledge test and not failed your driving test before.

The more times you fail your drive, the harder it will be for you to book a re-test, so make sure you are really ready when it’s time for your driving test.