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Riskettan, Risk One in English

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Riskettan, Risk One in English, Risk education 1, Risk1, 

Risk One in English, which is a mandatory part of your driving license training and should give you knowledge and insight into how alcohol, drugs and fatigue as well as other behaviors and factors affect driving ability. The education consists of lectures, group discussions, group work, film screenings and ends with a question and answer session.

To pass Risk One in English you need to be able to understand what it is about and take an active part in conversations and group work throughout the course.

The course is held in Fred Trafikskola’s training facility at Fjällnäsgatan 8a.

From Vällingby Centrum, through Solursparken and to the right.
The facility is located right by the turning area. Please Arrive a few minutes earlier for attendance check.
You must be able to show valid ID / passport when you arrive at the course.
Attendance at the training is registered with the Swedish Transport Administration no later than 13:00 the day after the training.

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New student
Risk one in English

(Fjällnäsgatan 8a, Vällingby.)


Be sure to fill in the correct social security number. The identity must be proven with a valid ID, passport or Freja ID in connection with the first visit to the traffic school.


This course is held in English! You can, if you need to, bring another person who can help you translate into a another language and help you understand the content of the course.

An extra seat will be booked (no extra fee)

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