Within the training plan for a Swedish driver’s license there are two mandatory risk training courses! These must be completed and approved before the driving school student can take their driving test. By purchasing our risk package, you get a really good price on both risk courses as well as a training check to see where you are in the driver’s license training.

The risk package includes:

An education control is booked to assess that the student has achieved sufficient driving skills to pass risk education 2. During the education control, the student can also gain insight into where the student is within the education plan and how many driving lessons may be required for the student to be fully trained.

The Risk Educations in English will be booked as a full day at Gillingebanan in Vallentuna.

The risk One, Risk education 1, Risk1, gives you knowledge and insight into how alcohol, drugs and fatigue as well as other behaviors and factors affect driving ability. Teacher-led lecture.

Risk two, Risk training 2, Risk2, gives the student knowledge about how slippery surfaces affect driving and how drivers can tackle and avoid risky situations by acting preventively.

Pris: Det ursprungliga priset var: 4160 kr.Det nuvarande priset är: 3526 kr. inkl utbildningskontroll