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Terms and Conditions

Fred Trafikskola, traffic school, has the following websites which are covered by these general conditions:

Teaching materials:

§1 Agreement

When a customer buys, books, registers or registers, either himself or via the traffic school’s staff, an agreement is entered into with the traffic school and the customer agrees to these general terms and conditions.

§2 Minor

A customer who is under 18 years of age must by law have the consent of their parents or guardians to enter into an agreement with the traffic school. If consent can not be obtained in another acceptable way, the customer must present a certificate from their parents or guardians. The traffic school documents how the customer has identified himself.

§3 The Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation applies as a law in all EU member states from 25 May 2018. The regulation regulates the traffic school’s use of customer personal data and strengthens the rights for the customer with regard to personal privacy. This section deals with how the traffic school applies this ordinance.

Personal information when selling

The traffic school stores the name and address required to create a correct receipt in accordance with the Accounting Act’s requirements for a cash invoice. Emails are stored to be able to send a receipt to the customer. The data is stored for seven years before it is deleted.

Personal data during training

The traffic school saves name, address, telephone number, social security number in accordance with the traffic ordinance’s requirements for the traffic school. Email is stored to be able to send lesson times to the customer. The customer also logs in to their study material with their e-mail address. Information about the education is stored in order to be able to complete an education in accordance with the Swedish Transport Agency’s requirements for an education plan and documentation. We do not store sensitive information in connection with the education, other than social security numbers, such as personal information that reveals ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or information about sexual life, health, such as ADHD. If you attend an adapted education, for example for dyslexia, information about this is stored.

Processing of personal data

Personal data is only handled by the traffic school’s staff, government officials in the event of supervision and any subcontractors with special agreements, who are responsible for computer systems or the like. The information is never shared with any other third party without consent.

Consent to storage of personal data

Obtaining consent for the storage of personal data takes place in accordance with §1. The traffic school documents how the customer has agreed. In connection with the sending of information, marketing, from traffic school to the customer, the customer can state that they do not want this type of mailing. Mandatory mailings, such as lesson times and receipts, cannot be opted out.

Extracts of personal data

The customer can request an extract from what is stored about the customer. The traffic school must then quickly create a PDF for the customer with this information.

Request for change of personal data

The customer can request that the traffic school change stored personal data. The customer must then tell the traffic school what is to be changed. The traffic school must then urgently change the personal data. If any personal data cannot be changed due to legal requirements, the customer will be notified.

Request for deletion of personal data

The customer can request that the traffic school delete stored personal data. The traffic school will then quickly delete the information. If any personal data cannot be deleted due to legal requirements, the customer will be notified.

Customer changes any of their previously stated personal information

The customer must always inform the traffic school when changing address, telephone number or e-mail address during active training. If the traffic school needs to inform the customer of important information and does not receive contact via the specified contact information, the traffic school cannot be held responsible for this.

Security when storing personal data

All data is stored on secure servers within the EU which are managed by Trafikskola Online AB and its subcontractor Microsoft Azure which is certified by ISO 27018. Trafikskola Online works actively for high security regarding the personal data stored. Only staff who have special agreements have the opportunity to handle the traffic school’s tasks.

Incidents with personal data

If the traffic school is exposed to intrusion or a unit is lost in the event of theft, for example, the unit’s login information is immediately reset. No data is stored on the device. In the event of extensive data breaches in the system, there are routines for investigating and ensuring continued high security. Some information, such as the password, is encrypted.

The traffic school does not store information of the type that causes a data breach to entail risks to individuals’ freedoms and rights and therefore does not need to be reported to the supervisory authority within 72 hours.

§4 Booking rules

Rules for bookings with own login via the traffic school’s Learning Materials
A booking made via teaching materials or the traffic school staff is binding.

Cancellation or rebooking of a booked driving lesson must be made by TELEPHONE no later than 13:00 ONE weekday before booking.
Cancellation or rebooking of a booked course must be made by TELEPHONE no later than 13:00 THREE weekdays before booking.
You can make your cancellation by leaving a message.

In case of later cancellation or rebooking, full fee will be charged.
In the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as acute illness, no fee will be charged for presenting a medical certificate.

§5 Purchases and prices

Minors (under 18 years of age) may not make purchases without the parent’s approval.

Refunds for advance payments are made for a fee of 10% of the amount, provided that other rules regarding, for example, cancellation have been followed.

Current prices are reported on the traffic school’s websites. Prices may change during the course of the education.
Advance payment is required for the price to apply. All prices are in SEK including VAT.
Purchased service, in the form of, for example, driving lessons, courses or packages, must be consumed within 6 months from the date of purchase.

§6 Personal user account for training

A customer who is enrolled in the school as a student receives a user account with the opportunity to use, among other things, the traffic school’s teaching materials.
The user account is personal. Login & password should only be used by the student for whom it is intended. The student is responsible for choosing a secure password and protecting it. The traffic school is not responsible for any damage that occurs if an outsider logs in and uses the student’s account.

As a rule, free personal use of the traffic school’s services applies when the user account is active.
However, this presupposes that the practice falls within the framework of what can be considered reasonable for a student, its supervisor and traffic instructor.

Being an active student means that you have upcoming booked driving lessons and are active in your student account and use any teaching materials.

Trafikskolan reserves the right to close the account if it exceeds or falls below the limit for reasonable use.
When closing an account, the traffic school must inform the student, via the student’s e-mail address, in which way the limit for use has been exceeded. If there is an adequate explanation for the high / low usage rate, the user account can be reactivated.

§7 Copyright and right of use

All material on the traffic school’s websites is protected by copyright law. The material may only be used for private use in connection with the use of the service. It is not permitted to copy, transfer, rent, modify, resell or otherwise use the material in a commercial or non-commercial manner.

§8 Disclaimer of Liability

The traffic school does not take responsibility for fees that may be added in the event of a reminder or collection requirements if the student has not provided correct information, this also applies to the student’s e-mail address.

§9 Changes to these terms

General terms and conditions of purchase may change during the training. The traffic school must inform the student of any changes. General terms and conditions are always published on our website. The terms of purchase are always displayed in connection with booking or purchase.

§10 Disputes

The traffic school must do everything you can to ensure that you as a student are satisfied. As a student, you have a responsibility to follow the rules that exist.

In the event of disputes, Swedish law applies to the traffic school’s registration and purchase conditions. Disputes concerning validity, interpretation and application shall be settled in the first instance with the help of the ”General Complaints Board” and in the second instance, in a general court, whereby the nearest district court shall be the first instance.

§11 The traffic school’s contact information

Fred Trafikskola AB
Härjedalsgatan 7 A
16266 Vällingby
Phone: 0736956955
Organization number: 5592758154
Holds an F-tax certificate