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Risk Education 2, Ice rink

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Risk Education 2, Slippery Slope also called the Halkbanan is a mandatory part of your driving license training and is about speed, safety and driving in different road and weather conditions and should give the student knowledge about how slippery ground affects driving and how you as a driver can tackle and avoid risky situations by taking preventive action.

Add to cart, fill in your contact information including social security number. Payment link is sent as soon as possible and immediately after payment a registration is made with us. Then we will call you next weekday for  booking of your Risk2

NOTE: This course is held in Swedish and can be briefly explained in English. You can, if you need to, bring another person who can help you understand the content of the course. Please state this in your booking

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In order for us to book the ice rink, Risk2 for you, if you are not a registered  student with us, you must book an education control so that we have the opportunity to make an assessment that you are ready and will be approved at the time of the course.

An education control should be booked no later than 3 days BEFORE the Ice rink. If the student does not pass the education control, the slippery slope will be cancelled. Rebooking will only be done if driving lessons are booked or a refund can be done against a 10% administration fee.

We book our students at BROMMA HALKBANA Linta gårdsväg 25, 168 74 Bromma